5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog

(Family Features) The past 14 dog years (two human years) have been tough on nearly everyone but the unwavering support of essential companions – dogs – has helped make it a little bit easier.

Pet parents owe a lot to their furry friends for always being there and helping them get through the hard times – whether they’re putting smiles on faces by jumping on the couch for snuggles or wandering through virtual meetings. For these essential supporters, the PEDIGREE® brand and its Essential Support Dogs program offer these tips to help celebrate and show thanks for your companion. To learn more and get involved, visit EssentialSupportDogs.com.

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Spend Quality Time Outdoors

Warmer temperatures provide the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities with furry friends. Try hiking in new places to give your dog a different experience than the usual walk around the block. New sights and smells can also be an enrichment activity and healthy exercise for your pup.

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Buy a Special Treat

Everyone deserves to treat themselves, and pets are no exception. Check local restaurants with patios for a special dog-friendly meal or snack. At home, stock up on their favorite snacks and remember to show them love with extra petting, scratches and snuggles for always being by your side.

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Socialize at the Dog Park

Take a trip to a local dog park and give them time to play with others. Getting the chance to socialize with other dogs and play in new areas off-leash can show them you care and provide fun playtime.

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Go Shopping for a New Toy

Take the guesswork out of purchasing your dog’s favorite new toy by bringing them along to a pet-friendly store. Many stores allow pets to walk the aisles with you and you can purchase the toy that grabs your dog’s interest right then and there.

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Show Your Support for Dogs in Need

The PEDIGREE® brand’s Essential Support Dogs program celebrates all dogs as essential supporters and provides assistance for dogs in need across the country. You can aid pups in need while recognizing your own beloved companion with a dog tag that supports PEDIGREE Foundation’s shelter and rescue partners, which are working to help dogs in need and end pet homelessness.


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