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• Accuracy- 4 high precision G-force load sensors provide accurate measurements, measure from 5g to 5000g (5kg 11 lbs. or 176 oz), easily choose between measurements in pounds/ounces/FL. Oz. (fluid ounce)/ML and GMs.• Multi-Functional- Electric kitchen cooking scale provides low battery and overload indication; Zero/Tare Function; Auto Shut-Off Function available; 2 X AAA batteries are included.• Useful Versatility- 5 Core Digital Kitchen Scale perfect for your kids to learn about Weights & Measurements. Fantastic for helping with Portion Control and Losing Weight.• Portable Design- Stain resistant glass platform cleans easily. It is compact, so you can easily store it away when not in use. Perfect for home cooking and food portioning. It features an elegant reflective black surface made from high-quality tempered glass that is 3 times stronger than normal glass.• 55X26 mm big size LCD and red back light for easy reading. Dimensions: Length: 8.7", Width: 6.6", Height: 0.8"-cute size design for easy keeping.5 Core’s Kitchen Scale’s Accurate Weight Readings That Are Always Right!
Combining new advanced buttons, a tempered glass surface and new sensors, the 11 lb. 5 Core Kitchen Scale is the industry’s improved models. It features an elegant reflective black surface made from high-quality tempered glass that is 3 times stronger than normal glass. This digital glass kitchen scale includes 4 high precision latest generation sensors to deliver superior accuracy and the fastest response times for the quick paced chef. It combines all this technology into a contemporary thin design and stands out as a show piece for the modern kitchen. Using 5 Core food scale daily will assist in proper portion control and weight management which is helpful following a diet or the food pyramid.
• Cautions: Please read and follow the instructions before using.
• The platform of our kitchen scale is made of tempered glass, please avoid any hard impact or striking the glass with a hardened point
• Please choose a container that will safely balance on the platform without tipping or falling when using the tare function.

5 Core Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scales is a workhorse in the kitchen. This all-purpose food scale is an essential part of any household; this scale has all the basic functions you need for multiple kitchen tasks.
The max capacity is 11lb/5kg and weighs accurately to 0.1oz/1g fine increments. The sensitive mechanisms will give you the best and most accurate results.5 Core kitchen food scale includes a tare function that allows you to zero out a weight when using a bowl/plate as a container or working with multiple ingredients.Convenient auto-off feature to preserve the battery life of the 2-AAA (1.5 volt) batteries.1.89 Inch big size LCD and red back light for easy readingDimensions: Length: 8.7 Inch, Width: 6.6 Inch, Height: 0.8 Inch-cute size design for easy keepingTempered Glass material is food grade for healthier life

Package Contents:
1 x Food Scale
2 x AAA Batteries
1 x Manual

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